MAAR has several standing committees and other annual appointed committees that review specific issues and make recommendations on action to the Board of Directors. In addition, the President and/or Board appoints task forces to address specific issues within a definite period of time. MAAR members also serve on various committees that report to the Education Foundation.

Please refer to MAAR's Open & Closed Meeting Policy for committee meetings if you are interested in inquiring about attending as a guest.

Apply to Serve on a Committee

The Association is now accepting committee volunteer applications. This is your opportunity to get involved and help shape the association by serving on one or more committees in 2021. All members are encouraged to apply.

There are several committees to choose from, each with its own responsibilities, goals, requirements, etc. Discover the best fit for you by browsing our list of committees below.

The deadline to submit your application is Friday, October 16, 2020.

Application Process

The committee application and appointment process occurs each fall for the following calendar year. Applications are currently being accepted for service in 2021. Members may access the application from the homepage of the website or via the link above.

While we will make every effort to accommodate volunteers on the committee(s) of their choice, applying for a committee does not guarantee an appointment. Our goal is to accommodate as many volunteers as possible, while also considering available space with consideration given to the overall make-up of each committee—i.e., member type, firm size, geographical representation, gender, ethnicity and primary specialty.

The current application process will remain open through October 16 at 11:59 p.m. No applications will be accepted after this date and members will not have access to the application itself.

Appointment Process

The appointment process begins after the application deadline has passed. The MAAR President—or MAAR Education Foundation, where applicable—works in conjunction with committee chairmen to match the scope of each committee's work with the strengths and relevant experience of interested volunteers. The volunteers best suited to serve on each committee are selected and notified of their appointment(s) in mid-December.

Term Limits

Unless otherwise specified in the committee description, the term for committee appointments is one (1) year. In order to inspire fresh ideas, prevent stagnant thinking and encourage member involvement, service on any committee is limited to three (3) consecutive years.

For example, if a member serves on the Benevolent Fund Fundraising Committee in 2018, 2019 and 2020, they will not be eligible to serve on that committee in 2021.

Active Committees

Affiliate Council Grievance
Awards* Leadership MAAR**
Benevolent Fund Fundraising Member Services
Budget & Finance MLS Information Network
Community Development Nominating*
Diversity & Inclusion Past Presidents Advisory*
Education Course Monitors** Professional Development**
Fair & Affordable Housing Professional Standards
Governing Documents RPAC Fundraising
Governmental Affairs Scholarship**
Young Professionals Network
* Non-standing MAAR Committee
** MAAR Education Foundation Committee
† MAAR Benevolent Fund Committee
‡ Task Force