What Is IDX?

Internet Data Exchange (IDX) is essentially a set of rules allowing MLS Participants to give permission to other Participants to display their listings on their websites. Every Participant who gives permission also receives reciprocal permission from other Participants.

There are two (2) levels of participation in IDX:

  1. Permitting other MLS Participants to display your firm's listings on their Web sites; and
  2. Displaying other Participants' listings on your website.

A Participant may choose to do No. 1 but not to do No. 2. That is, the Participant may permit other brokers to display their listings, even if they don't have a website of their own. The converse is not true; a Participant that withholds their listings from the IDX pool is not permitted to display the listings of other Participants. It is also permissible for a Participant to display the listings of other Participants even though they have no listings of their own.

A Participant's consent for such display will be presumed unless a Participant affirmatively notifies the MLS that they refuse to permit display. The MAAR IDX Opt-Out Form should be sent to MAAR if a Participant refuses to permit display of his firm's listings.

A confidentiality agreement form must be submitted to the MLS in order to access the IDX Server to retrieve listings for display on one's website. Display of IDX listings on a website is subject to the MLS Rules and Regulations, specifically Section 14. MLS Subscribers affiliated with IDX Participants may display information available through IDX on their own websites and may link or frame to the Participant's IDX site, subject to the Participant's consent and control and the requirements of state law and/or regulation and the MAAR MLS Rules and Regulations.

The administration and technical support of a Participant's or Subscriber's website is the sole responsibility of the Participant or Subscriber. The MAAR MLS Support staff will not provide such support.

Sign Up for IDX

How you or your consultant will be adding IDX to your website will dictate which of the forms below you need to submit to MAAR.

Using the Paragon IDX Solution ($8/month)

This solution is the most economical IDX product available. It is the solution most commonly used on Paragon agent websites as the property search tool but can be framed into any external website. To use this option, complete and return the form below (required by agents and brokers).

Using a Current Third-Party IDX Vendor

Third-party IDX vendors can customize your IDX product for you. This solution is most commonly used if you have created a website outside of Paragon or have had another company create a website for you. This list shows current third party IDX vendors. To use this option, complete and return the form below (required by agents and brokers).

Using a New Third-Party IDX Vendor

This solution is used if you have a company that can create a customized IDX solution for you but is not on the current list of third-party IDX vendors. To use this option, complete and return the forms below. These forms are required from the vendor as well as the agent and broker.

For questions about forms or further information on IDX, contact MLS Support, 901.818.2455.

Internet Data Exchange