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About the Benevolent Fund

Established in 1994, the MAAR Benevolent Fund provides financial assistance to MAAR members and their families during temporary periods of financial difficulty due to prolonged illness, catastrophic occurrence, accident or death. A committee is responsible for promoting the existence of the Fund and coordinating any special fundraising projects. The MAAR Benevolent Fund is one of only 15 of its kind at REALTOR® associations nationwide and achieved tax-exempt status in July of 2011.

The MAAR Benevolent Fund relies entirely on donations to exist and help members. Since the MAAR Benevolent Fund Corporation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all contributions are tax-deductible.

How to Apply for Help

The Benevolent Fund is here to give assistance to any eligible individual, couple or family who is in need and fits our criteria. Economic strain can strike anyone for reasons outside of their control. Members who find themselves in such situations are encouraged to seek assistance. Please see below for eligibility requirements and application information.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Any present member who has maintained membership in good standing for at least 12 consecutive months during the 5-year period immediately preceding the application ("Qualified Association Member");
  • An employee of a Qualified Association Member and who works a minimum of 20 hours per week; a family member of a Qualified Association Member (spouse, domestic partner or child under the age of 21);
  • An employee of the Association for 12 consecutive months during the 5-year period immediately preceding the application who works an average of at least 35 hours per week.

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the Benevolent Fund Award application.
  2. The MAAR Benevolent Fund Board of Trustees meets monthly and decides to approve or deny the application. In some instances, additional information may be requested from the applicant.
  3. The applicant will be notified by staff of decision. If approved, checks will be sent to the vendors to whom the applicant owes money. No money is ever given directly to the applicant.

    All information, including the identity of applicants, is confidential.

Types of Assistance

The following are examples of circumstances for which Benevolent Fund awards have been granted:

  • Temporary monthly living expenses
  • Temporary monthly medical expenses that exceed insurance coverage
  • Help with burial expenses due to lack of funds or insurance
  • Mortgage payment assistance for individuals incapable of working due to serious and/or debilitating illness
  • Assistance with replacing items lost in a fire
  • Payment assistance towards the purchase of disability and mobility aids

For further information or assistance, contact MAAR's Benevolent Fund Manager, Carolyn Spikner.

Apply to Become a Trustee

The MAAR Benevolent Fund Board of Trustees is looking for individuals to serve for the 2023–2025 term. Please be advised that serving as a Trustee is a three-year commitment and diligence is essential.

If you would like to serve, please complete the application and return it to Carolyn Spikner. The deadline to apply is Friday, October 14.

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