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About the Education Foundation

Established in 1985, the MAAR Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes research, encourages study and provides resources to affect the business practices of those in the real estate profession.

Governed by a 14-member Board of Trustees elected by the MAAR Board of Directors, the Foundation helps provide consistent education resources regardless of MAAR's membership trends and general real estate market conditions. Since its inception, the Foundation strives:

  • To encourage and promote research and studies in the field of real estate and allied areas; the expansion and broadening of courses in the field of real estate or allied fields; and the improvement of communication and exchange of information regarding the real estate industry.
  • To encourage and promote advanced courses in the field of real estate or allied fields.
  • To provide scholarship awards of financial assistance to qualified students specializing in the field of real estate or allied subjects at the university level.
  • To promote suitable standards of education in all phases of the field of real estate.
  • To encourage and conduct educational programs and seminars for the purpose of advancing the profession of real estate for those already engaged in the real estate profession.

The Education Foundation remains committed to providing first-rate professional development opportunities to MAAR members. For more information about the MAAR Education Foundation, contact O'Hara Keszler, 901.818.2421.

Apply to Become a Trustee

The MAAR Education Foundation Nominating Committee is accepting trustee applications for the 2022–2024 term. Please take a moment to consider any individuals you might like to recommend, yourself included.

If you would like to serve, please complete the application and return it to O'Hara Keszler. The deadline to apply is Friday, Oct. 15.

MAAR Education Foundation