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The MAAR Excellence (ME) Certification aims to promote a more professional, ethical and knowledgeable industry for new and seasoned REALTORS® alike. With members' needs in mind, the MAAR Education Foundation devised the program and tailored its courses to develop well-rounded REALTORS®. After obtaining the ME Certification, REALTORS® will be armed with the essentials to embark on a successful career in real estate.

The ME Certification is a new certification approved by the MAAR Board of Directors in 2020. After a successful period as a pilot program, which ended on Dec. 31, 2022, the certification is now open to all members.

The MAAR Excellence Certification will be offered to those new to MAAR at no additional cost for the first two (2) years of their membership. New members are strongly encouraged to complete the certification within this time period, as it is meant to provide a solid foundation while also preparing REALTORS® for the ins and outs of real estate.

Required Courses

To complete the ME Certification, members must complete the following courses:

Co-Op Like a Pro (1 Hour)

Co-Op Like a Pro teaches the importance of first impressions and positive language in providing a better experience for your clients, as well as how to leverage professional associations to their advantage.

Course Dates

Real Estate Safety Matters (1 Hour)

The Real Estate Safety Matters course provides agents with tips and techniques on how to keep themselves and their clients safe throughout the entire real estate transaction.

Course Dates

Setting Up a Lifelong Business Plan (2 Hours)

The foundation of any successful business is a solid business plan. Setting Up a Lifelong Business Plan will provide agents with a practical approach to developing an effective business plan and implementing your strategy, no matter your experience level.

Course Dates

The Rise of Cyber Crime (2 Hours)

Cybercrime is a major issue affecting real estate buyers, sellers and professionals. In this course, you'll learn to stay a step ahead of cybercriminals by familiarizing yourself with wire fraud schemes and cybercrime tactics.

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Multiple Offers = Multiple Confusion (3 Hours)

Confusion reigns when dealing with multiple offers. Multiple Offers = Multiple Confusion covers best practices, strategies and techniques for handling multiple-offer situations.

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Closing: From Start to Finish (3 Hours)

Closing: From Start to Finish will cover the closing process in minute detail, examining everything that happens between signing the contract and officially closing.

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Contracts 101 (4 Hours)

Contracts 101 provides an in-depth analysis of the Purchase and Sale Agreement as well as the use of counteroffers. You'll receive helpful hints and tips in contract writing and executing the deal.

Course Dates

For more information about the MAAR Excellence Certification or questions about progress, contact O'Hara Keszler, 901.818.2421.

MAAR Excellence Certification

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