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MAAR has listened to feedback from members regarding the upcoming SentriLock Lockbox Exchange. To answer many of your questions, MAAR has compiled the following FAQ. This FAQ does not encompass all questions, but will act as a living document to be updated as needed to address any questions or concerns not covered as of this moment.

Lockbox Exchange Registration

Registration for the Lockbox Exchange is open now! You may register via the link below. When you log into the registration page, you will be informed of the number of lockboxes registered to you and the number eligible for the exchange.

Be advised that registration is required to participate in the exchange—walk-ins will not be accepted—and participation is required to receive upgraded lockboxes. As a reminder, SentriLock lockbox models older than the newest Bluetooth v3.6 lockbox will be disabled on October 28, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the lockbox exchange going to take place?

MAAR’s SentriLock lockbox upgrade event will take place from September 30 – October 4. An email will be sent with registration information prior to the exchange. Further notices will be distributed to members as the exchange event approaches. Please read all of these notices carefully.

Where is the exchange event going to be located?

A venue has been selected which will be announced once final details of the event plan have been set. This FAQ will be updated with details on the location for the exchange. The exchange will not take place at MAAR.

Who is eligible for the exchange?

Members who were active MAAR MLS Subscribers on May 23, 2019 and who are active during the exchange event starting September 30 are eligible for the exchange.

Why is MAAR doing this?

SentriLock will soon end support for its older generation lockboxes. In order to avoid a difficult, forced upgrade in the future, MAAR has made the decision to proactively upgrade these aging lockboxes now in a way that maximizes the benefit to MAAR members.

This also affords MAAR the opportunity to implement a needed upgrade to the lockbox network overall. MAAR’s current requirement to support aging lockboxes prevents an increasing number of new features from being introduced to the network for all members. By eliminating this older equipment from MAAR’s lockbox network, MAAR is able to provide an even more secure and feature-rich experience for all members.

I don't want to participate. What happens if I don't?

All SentriLock lockbox models prior to Bluetooth v3.6 will be disabled on October 28, 2019. If you don’t participate in the exchange, you will have to pay full price later to replace these older lockboxes with new ones.

You will continue to be able to use any Bluetooth v3.6 lockboxes you currently own but all previous models will stop working for MAAR members on October 28, 2019 when they are removed from MAAR's lockbox network.

What is significant about May 23, 2019?

This is MAAR’s lockbox Inventory Date—the date that MAAR took an inventory of all MAAR lockboxes and their last access times for the purpose of planning the exchange. Any changes to lockbox inventory or access times after this date do not affect the lockbox exchange.

How much is this going to cost me?

There is a flat $50 exchange participation fee which covers logistics to perform the upgrade.  Any lockboxes last accessed in 2015 or later (up to MAAR’s Inventory Date) will be exchanged at no charge. You will pay $50 per lockbox to exchange any additional lockboxes which haven’t been accessed since 2014 (as of the Inventory Date). You may exchange as many or as few lockboxes as you want but you cannot exchange more lockboxes than you own.

I have a lot of old lockboxes, but I don’t want to exchange them for $50 per box. What should I do with them?

We will accept these boxes for recycling at the exchange location.

Do I need to register for the exchange event? Will I be given an appointment time?

A registration email will be sent soon with information about how to register for the exchange. During registration, you will reserve a time to arrive at the exchange. Please keep an eye on your inbox for that email.

How long will the exchange process take once I arrive?

Plan to spend about an hour at the exchange location to attend a training class while your new lockboxes are programmed.

What if I forget to register for the exchange?

You must register to participate in the exchange. To be safe, register as soon as possible to save your spot. We will do our best to remind you, but it’s up to you to complete your registration before the deadline.

How do I register for the exchange?

The registration link has not been posted or sent to members yet. This FAQ page will be updated when the registration system is ready.

Can I bring in my old lockboxes now?

No. MAAR cannot accommodate the return of these lockboxes until the proper logistics are in place during the exchange event. Put them together in a convenient place to access them for the exchange event.

Which lockboxes will be accepted for exchange?

Generation 1, Generation 2, NXT, NXT Wireless and Bluetooth 3.5 lockboxes will be accepted for return during the event.

What kind of lockboxes will I get?

You will receive new Bluetooth v3.6 lockboxes in exchange for your old lockboxes.

What if my box doesn't work properly?

Defective boxes are not eligible for exchange. These boxes were not counted in your list of eligible boxes. We will accept these boxes for recycling during the exchange.

What if my battery is dead?

A dead battery will not disqualify your box from the exchange unless the box is damaged.

What if my lockbox is damaged?

Visibly damaged boxes may be selected for inspection on site at the exchange event. A damaged box must have a working battery to pass our checks for operation.

What if the boxes I bring in aren't mine?

You will not be able to exchange more boxes than you own and have reserved during your registration. The exchange registration website will include the serial numbers of the lockboxes you own. Use this to determine which boxes you should bring to the exchange.

NOTE: All lockboxes received by MAAR will be recycled. MAAR will not facilitate the return of lockboxes to their owners.

You are just going to recycle the boxes. Why do I have to bring them to you?

There are three reasons for this. First, MAAR's objective for the exchange is to replace working lockboxes that you possess and use. Lockboxes which are lost, stolen, or discarded are not eligible for replacement by MAAR. MAAR's second objective is to enhance security for the community by removing aging lockbox technology from the Memphis market area. Thirdly, MAAR has an environmental responsibility to securely destroy the returned lockboxes and recycle them responsibly. By bringing your lockbox to MAAR, you show that you have possession of the lockbox and you ensure its proper disposal.

Can someone else bring my boxes in for me?

There will be a process to allow someone to bring your lockboxes to the exchange on your behalf. Further information on this process will be made available on this FAQ page soon.

I share boxes with other agents; I'm not sure whose boxes are whose.

The exchange registration website will include the serial numbers of the lockboxes you own. Use this to determine which boxes you should bring prior to the exchange.

NOTE: All lockboxes received by MAAR during the exchange will be recycled. MAAR is not able to facilitate the return of lockboxes to their owners during the exchange event. Lockboxes must be returned to their owners prior to the exchange.

What will happen to lockboxes that aren’t exchanged or recycled?

These boxes will be disabled. After October 28, 2019, they will no longer open with a SentriCard or with the SentriKey or SentriSmart apps.

If boxes were purchased new this year but never used will they be eligible for a free exchange?

No, they will not. All lockboxes sold by MAAR in 2019 are the Bluetooth v3.6 model which is the same type of box we will be issuing at the exchange. Bluetooth v3.6 boxes will not be accepted for the exchange.

Can you tell me how many lockboxes I can exchange for free?

Keep your eye on your inbox. An email will be sent to invite members to reserve lockboxes and register for the exchange. The registration website will include a list of lockboxes from the May 23 inventory and will include the date last accessed.

Will lockbox serial numbers be checked at the exchange event?

Yes. Serial numbers and participant names will be recorded during the event.

I purchased lockboxes from another agent after May 23. Will I be able to exchange these lockboxes?

No. You will not be able to swap more lockboxes than you owned prior to May 23. MAAR stopped transferring box ownership when the initial exchange notice was sent to members on June 5.

I have several lockboxes that I don’t need. Can I sell them to MAAR or another member?

No. MAAR will not purchase them, but we will accept them for recycling during the exchange event. Do not sell your lockboxes prior to the exchange. These lockboxes will be disabled on October 28 and will not be eligible for exchange by anyone but you. You are free to sell your new lockboxes and transfer ownership normally after the exchange event.

As stated above, this FAQ is not all-encompassing. If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please submit them using the feedback form below.

SentriLock Lockbox Exchange

Frequently Asked Questions