MAAR to Provide BrokerBay Showing Service

New MLS Benefit Coming Fall 2022

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Published Thursday, April 21, 2022

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Last winter we asked for your feedback in our MLS Member Survey and we received an overwhelming response. Many of you asked for showing service options, and we listened! We are pleased to announce that we are bringing BrokerBay showing service to you!

BrokerBay is the most advanced, streamlined showing service out there. It boasts an intuitive, user-friendly platform and an agile cloud ecosystem that evolves with the latest technology. With the BrokerBay mobile app, you'll be able to manage listings, register offers, see real-time analytics, collect feedback, and use BrokerBay's best-in-class multi-booking tool from anywhere. Whatever your brokerage size or needs, you'll be able to count on BrokerBay for a quality experience, enabling you to do the same for your clients.

This new tool is planned to be available to members beginning in October—more details to come on that! We are also providing the call center option so you can continue to schedule showings by phone if you prefer.

If you are subscribing to another showing service, you are encouraged to look at your agreement and decide if you want to continue with two services or only use the MAAR-provided BrokerBay showing service. Since we are offering BrokerBay as part of the MLS, you are not able to opt out of this option.

We will have a presentation on BrokerBay at the Annual Meeting on September 8. We'll also have training this fall to help you get the most out of this awesome tool! Until then, take a look for yourself at what BrokerBay has to offer!