Announcing the 2022 Committee Chairs

Additional Organizational Appointments

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Published Monday, December 20, 2021

Close-Up of a Large Conference Table with a Row of Chairs in a Meeting Room in an Office Building

Last fall, we held our annual committee application process. We're happy to announce that committee assignments for the upcoming year have been set and that the committee chairs have been appointed for each committee.

In addition to the MAAR committee chairs, we can also announce the leadership appointments for our affiliate organizations for the upcoming year.

Some leadership appointments were chosen by a committee, whereas others were voted on by members of that respective organization.

Our 2022 MAAR committee chairs are as follows:

  • Leslie Zarshenas, Benevolent Fund Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Scott Bettis, Budget & Finance Committee Chair
  • Katrina Isom, Community Development Committee Chair
  • Fara Captain, Diversity & Inclusion Committee Chair
  • Kathryn Garland, Education Course Monitors Committee Chair
  • Kathryn Garland, Fair & Affordable Housing Committee Chair
  • Audrey Davis, Governing Documents Committee Chair
  • Lauren Wiuff, Governmental Affairs Committee Chair
  • Eric Trotz, Grievance Committee Chair
  • Greg Renfrow, Leadership MAAR Committee Chair
  • Jenna Nair, Member Services Committee Chair
  • Tim O'Hare, MLS Information Network Committee Chair
  • Scott Fields, Professional Development Committee Chair
  • Thomas Murphree, Professional Standards Committee Chair
  • Sue Anne Cobb, RPAC Fundraising Committee Chair
  • Lewis Marshall, Scholarship Committee Chair
  • Tia Jennings, YPN Committee Chair

The following members will serve in leadership positions of our affiliated organizations.

  • Stacy Montegut, Affiliate Council President
  • Austin Rowe, Alliance Memphis Chair
  • Debbie Nixon, Benevolent Fund Board of Trustees President
  • Jeff Higdon, Commercial Council President
  • Bill Malone, Education Foundation Board of Trustees President
  • Rachel Gilliam, MMDC Board of Governors President
  • Wonda McGowan, NAREB President
  • Sue Anne Cobb, RRC Co-Chair
  • Mae Moore, RRC Co-Chair
  • Christy Utterback, WCR President

Congratulations to all appointees. We look forward to a great year in 2022 for the Association and for all MAAR members!