REALTOR® Safety Month Webinars

Tactics on Navigating Dangerous Situations

 National Association of REALTORS®, Safety & Scam Alerts

Published Monday, September 27, 2021

An Open Notebook and Pen Alongside an Open Laptop with 'Work Safety' Displayed Across the Screen

Understanding why safety matters and how implementing safety practices is not only good for you but good for your business. To close out this REALTOR® Safety Month, we're sharing some webinars to help you spot danger and navigate dangerous situations while keeping yourself safe.

It's important to have a personal safety protocol in place for various scenarios, such as when meeting new clients, showing properties or sharing information online. After all, REALTORS® encounter job-related risks every day. Being aware of potential dangers and taking precautions will help you avoid risky situations.

Even if you have a protocol in place, it can be easy to miss warning signs or become complacent in your practices. With that in mind, NAR hosted a two-part series earlier this month offering insight on safety practices and avoiding danger zones while working.

If you missed these webinars, you can watch the recording of Avoiding REALTOR® Danger Zones and download the session handouts online.

For additional safety resources and to view part two of this session, visit Conference Year-Round. As a reminder, NAR also offers resources for personal protection products and applications. You may want to browse the selection to determine what tools may best fit into your personal and professional life.