SentriKey® Security Enhancements

Web and Mobile Updates Coming in September

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Published Thursday, August 26, 2021

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Protecting members' data is extremely important to both SentriLock and MAAR. To that point, effective Wednesday, September 1, 2021, SentriLock will implement an extra layer of security to the SentriKey® Real Estate website and SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app with the addition of account security questions and mobile verification.

In addition to their PIN, security questions will offer a secure validation of each member's account. Users will select from ten (10) predetermined questions and enter their personalized answers. Once those answers are saved, a mobile verification prompt will be activated.

SentriLock Customer Support will use these questions to validate SentriLock callers if they cannot remember their PIN or password. This will provide a faster, more efficient customer experience by eliminating the need for a PIN/Password reset email.

Security Questions & Mobile Verification Process

Instructions on how to navigate account settings to set up these enhanced security features are included below. The process for setting up security questions and mobile verification will differ slightly for current members and new members. Take a moment to read over the instructions to make sure your account remains secure.

Current Members

  1. You'll receive pop-up screen prompting them to make a selection on the SentriKey® Real Estate website or in the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app.

  2. Answer two questions from the predetermined list.

  3. Be prompted to verify their mobile number.

    • NOTE: If the account features a verified mobile number, this step is omitted.
  4. Receive a mobile verification prompt. If the mobile number isn't verified, the security questions will not be saved.

New Members

  1. Select and answer two questions from the predetermined list as part of their initial account activation.

  2. Receive a mobile verification prompt once they successfully activate their account.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact SentriLock Customer Support, 1.513.618.5800.