SentriLock Increases Lockbox Pricing

Supply Chain Issues Impact Production

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Published Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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SentriLock will increase the price of its lockboxes in September as a result of supply chain issues caused by the pandemic. This marks the first price increase since July 2019.

Supply chain disruption has impacted pricing and availability across a number of industries, including automotive, electronics and household appliances. This disruption has led to difficulty accessing the raw materials required to build SentriLock lockboxes—microchips, resins, plastics, etc.—as well as substantial increases in the price of said materials.

Because of this, SentriLock has made the decision to increase the price of Bluetooth® REALTOR® 3.6 and SentriGuard® lockboxes by $6 per unit, effective Sept. 6, 2021. Lockbox accessory pricing is not affected.

Consequently, the new price for lockboxes purchased at MAAR will be $117 per unit beginning Sept. 6. Members may purchase new lockboxes in our inventory at the current price of $111 per unit prior to Sept. 6, but be advised that availability is limited.

For more information, read SentriLock's FAQs regarding the price increase, available below. For questions and comments, contact SentriLock Support, 1.513.618.5800.