Social Media—Be Mindful, Be Cautious!

Think Before You Post

 Membership, Technology

Published Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Paper Craft Art of Screens with Speech Bubble Icons

The past few months have been fraught for everyone. For many, feelings have begun to boil over, leading to some intense exchanges on social media. MAAR would like to caution all members to be mindful of what you post, even on your personal accounts platforms.

We encourage you to keep your business pages focused on business and be conscious of the views you share on your personal pages. People who don’t share your political, religious or philosophical views are still potential clients, and clients and colleagues alike may be reading what you share.

It's also worth remembering that the internet is forever. Even if a controversial post is deleted, it may have already been captured in a screenshot. It's not worth losing business or facing professional consequences over a heated or thoughtless post.

Use social media wisely. Remember—be mindful, be cautious!