ALERT—Foreign Buyer Email Scam

MAAR Members Reportedly Targeted

 Fraud Protection, Safety & Scam Alerts

Published Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Image of a Finger Pressing a Red Key Labeled 'Scam Alert'

MAAR has received word of an email scam targeting agents in the area. The sender purports to be an international buyer. He says he and his family are not safe in his country, thus needs to move quickly, and is willing to pay cash to buy a home in the $400k-$1 million range.

The email includes several red flags—the large price range, the cash offer on a substantial sale, the buyer being out of country, the buyer neglecting to specify which country, the perilous circumstances which necessitate a speedy purchase and move, the multiple grammatical errors, and so on.

Members are urged to keep an eye out for any such communications. If you receive a similar message, we advise that you do not respond and instead block the sender.

As a reminder, MAAR is offering The Rise of Cyber Crimes: Protecting Your Client and Yourself as a continuing education course on Sept. 5. Members needing a refresher on cybercrime, such as email scams, may find it helpful. The course is worth two (2) hours of CE. Wire fraud will be covered, as well as tools and practices to protect against it.