MMDC Election Results

New Officers Elected for 2019-2020

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Published Monday, May 6, 2019

The 2019-2020 MMDC Board of Directors Standing in Line
L to R: Frances Anderson, Jason Miller, Kelly Erb, Cathleen Black, Worth Jones, Anna Bishop, Vicki Gandee, Loura Edmondson, Laura Flaniken, Michael Green
Photo by Andrew O'Fee

The MAAR Multi Million Dollar Club held its annual Election Party last week during which MMDC members elected new officers to the Board of Governors.

President Frances Anderson will be joined by Vice President/President-Elect Michael Green; Treasurer Laura Flaniken; Assistant Treasurer Loura Edmondson; Recording Secretary Vicki Gandee; Corresponding Secretary Anna Bishop; Two Year Director Worth Jones; Two Year Director Cathleen Black; Fourth Year Director Kelly Erb; Third Year Director Jason Miller; Second Year Director Jennifer Hobson; First Year Director Tracy Duggan; and Director Shannan McWaters.

Thank you to all who attended the Election Party and all who ran for office! Congratulations to those elected!