SentriLock Lockbox Exchange FAQ

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Published Tuesday, August 6, 2019

A SentriLock Lockbox Over a Vertical Blue Rectangle on a White Background with 'Lockbox Exchange' in the Negative Space

On September 30 through October 4, MAAR will perform an MLS-wide upgrade of its SentriLock lockbox network. During this period, MAAR will exchange MLS subscribers’ older-generation SentriLock lockboxes for the latest Bluetooth v3.6 model from SentriLock.

Over the past several weeks, MAAR has solicited feedback from members via our SentriLock Lockbox Exchange Feedback Form. The answers to the feedback received thus far has been compiled into a comprehensible FAQ available now on

This FAQ is subject to change as we receive more feedback and more information about the exchange becomes available. In the meantime, we hope that it answers many of the questions you may have about the SentriLock Lockbox Exchange in a clear, concise manner. Stay tuned for further details, including registration and location for the exchange.