NAR Cracks Down on Hate Speech

Board Approves Code of Ethics Policies

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Published Monday, November 30, 2020

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The NAR Professional Standards Committee met on Oct. 5 to consider recommendations from its Interpretations and Procedures Advisory Board on the Code of Ethics’ applicability to discriminatory speech and conduct. The Committee approved the recommendations, and six of them were presented to the NAR Board of Directors.

On Nov. 13, the NAR Board of Directors voted in favor of a motion making it a violation for REALTORS® to use harassing or hate speech toward any of the protected classes under Article 10 of the Code of Ethics. Two of the changes were approved effective immediately; one change goes into effect on Jan. 1.

Prior to the changes, the Code's applicability, specifically Article 10, was limited to real estate-related activities and transactions. The revised policy expands applicability to all of a REALTOR®'s activities. Additionally, a new Standard of Practice was added under Article 10, prohibiting discriminatory speech and conduct. The new Standard of Practice directly flows from the requirement to not deny equal professional services or be parties to a plan to discriminate.

These new ethical obligations would not apply to behavior that occurred before they became effective. For more information about the policies, visit