License Renewal Scam Targeting Members

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Published Monday, October 19, 2020

Close-up of an iPhone with Incoming Call from Unknown Number

MAAR has been notified of a license renewal scam that may be going around. So far, we have only received one report about this particular scam, but members should be aware in case there are more attempts.

A member received a call from a number with a Nashville area code. The speaker offered the member a chance to renew their license for them at a discounted rate. The speaker asked the member for their credit card information to complete the transaction. Fortunately, the member saw the scam for what it was and did not take the bait.

As a reminder, only you can renew your license and it must be done through the Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC). Do not accept solicitations from third parties offering to undertake this endeavor for you at any rate.

To renew your license or check your renewal date, visit You may register as a new member or log in as a returning user. You cannot pay your renewal fee online if you are sixty (60) days out from your expiration date or sixty (60) days past your expiration date. If you have trouble with this site, please contact TREC, 800.342.4031.