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Local Municipal Elections 2020

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Published Monday, October 5, 2020

Three Voting Booths with American Flag in Background

As part of our ongoing commitment to advocating for private property rights and homeownership, the MAAR Governmental Affairs Committee spent several weeks interviewing multiple candidates running for elected office within many of the surrounding municipalities.

After careful consideration, their recommendations were sent to the MAAR Board of Directors and approved. Below is the list of candidates in the upcoming municipal elections on November 3rd that MAAR feels will serve in the best interests of the real estate industry and the community at large.

If you have questions about this process, please contact Governmental Affairs & Industry Relations Director Ken Scroggs.

MAAR's Supported Candidates
Germantown Municipal Election

Germantown Alderman (Position 3)

Headshot of Sherrie Hicks
Sherrie Hicks

Germantown Alderman (Position 4)

Headshot of Brian Ueleke
Brian Ueleke

Germantown Alderman (Position 5)

Headshot of Jon McCreery
Jon McCreery

Collierville Municipal Election

Collierville Alderman (Position 3)

Headshot of John Worley
John Worley

Collierville Alderman (Position 4)

Headshot of Missy Marshall

Missy Marshall

Headshot of Scott Rozanski

Scott Rozanski

Collierville Alderman (Position 5)

Headshot of John Stamps
John Stamps

Bartlett Municipal Election

Bartlett Alderman (Position 6)

Headshot of Paula Sedgwick
Paula Sedgwick

Lakeland Municipal Election

Lakeland Commission (At-Large)

Headshot of Jim Atkinson

Jim Atkinson

Headshot of Wesley Wright

Wesley Wright

Millington Municipal Election

Millington Alderman (Position 7)

Headshot of Mike Caruthers
Mike Caruthers

Voter Information Quick Links

Early voting begins on Wednesday, October 14; it ends on Thursday, October 29. Election Day is Tuesday, November 3. You may vote at any location during the early voting period, however, you must vote at your regular polling place on Election Day.

Compiled below are several links, including ones mentioned above, to help members stay informed about the upcoming election. Click on the relevant section(s) to find information based on voter location.

State Resources

Shelby County Resources

Fayette County Resources

Tipton County Resources

If you have questions pertaining to the election, please contact your local election commission.