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The Leadership MAAR program aims to build a foundation of personal leadership growth, develop that leadership through the exploration of individual preferences and traits, enhance professionalism and quality of life by effectively managing priorities, and to inspire participants to share their newly acquired leadership awareness with MAAR, the Memphis area community and beyond.

It is a four-course curriculum in which participants learn about themselves, their personal leadership capabilities and how to hone and apply their specific qualities in a way that provides direction and creates valuable relationships.

Leadership MAAR offers a remarkable opportunity to be part of something meaningful and positively life-changing—both personally and in your real estate business. Included in the program is instructional training, interpretation and guidance on the DiSC® Profile, a model that provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors to better work with others.

In addition, participants are led through several team-building group challenges and thought-provoking exercises and will string together all aspects of the training to develop a unique, personalized plan for the future.

Application Process

The Leadership MAAR application and selection process occurs each summer for the following calendar year. The application deadline for the 2020 Leadership MAAR class was August 17.

Applications for the 2022 Leadership MAAR class will open Summer 2021, at which time the application will be posted on this page. Members will be notified via email and social media when the application process begins.

Want to know more about Leadership MAAR or the selection process? Contact O'Hara Keszler.

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