Committee Volunteer Application

The Association is accepting volunteer applications from members who wish to serve on a committee in 2023. Please complete and submit the application below for consideration by 11:59 p.m. on September 16.

Our goal is to accommodate as many volunteers as possible, while also considering available space and the overall make-up of each committee. While we will make every effort to accommodate each applicant, please bear in mind submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance or placement on the committee of your choice.

All fields are required. You will not be able to submit your application unless all fields are entered.

Volunteer Information

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Volunteer Background

Describe your association involvement, experience, education and any skills relevant to your committee preferences.

Tell us why you would like to serve on a committee.

Committee Selection

Please indicate your committee selection(s) by ranking the committees according to preference. Each member is limited to three (3) choices. If you only wish to serve on one committee, you may select that committee for all three choices. However, you must select a committee for each choice to submit your application.

For further information about each committee, click on the committee to read about its purpose and any prerequisites, term limits, etc.

  First Choice Second Choice Third Choice
Benevolent Fund Fundraising
Budget & Finance
Community Development
Diversity & Inclusion
Education Course Monitors
Fair & Affordable Housing
Governing Documents
Governmental Affairs*
Leadership MAAR
Member Services
MLS Information Network
Professional Development
Professional Standards**
RPAC Fundraising
Young Professionals Network
* Prior experience serving on the RPAC Fundraising Committee is preferred for service on the Governmental Affairs Committee.
** Two (2) years prior experience on the Grievance Committee is preferred for service on the Professional Standards Committee.

Please indicate your service preference(s).

Would you like to be considered for the Chair? If not selected as Chair, you will automatically be considered for a member position on the committees selected.

Acknowledgement & Submission

  • Request an appointment on one or more committees.
  • Agree to serve for the duration of the 2023 calendar year if appointed.
  • Agree to adhere to commitments—including attendance requirements, confidentiality agreements, codes of conduct, etc.—as determined by the committee to which I am appointed.
This acknowledgment must checked to proceed with submission.