Date: June 4, 2021
Time: 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Contact: O'Hara Keszler
Phone: 901.818.2421

The THDA First-Time Homebuyer Class will cover the THDA mortgage loan programs from a REALTOR®'s perspective.

  • How does a buyer obtain a THDA loan?
  • Does a veteran have to be a first-time homebuyer to obtain a THDA mortgage?
  • What are the guidelines for a THDA loan and who sets those guidelines?
  • How does a REALTOR® benefit from a buyer obtaining the THDA Great Rate loan?
  • What does a REALTOR® need to know about the THDA Great Advantage and Great Start programs, which include either a 2% or a 4% down payment assistance?
  • Why is the Great Advantage and Great Start down payment assistance much better than the Nehemiah and Ameridream assistance plans?
  • Who is a first-time homebuyer and what is a targeted area?
  • What is Recapture and how will it affect a THDA homeowner, if at all?

All these questions and many others, including any questions you might have about THDA, will be answered in this class.

NOTE: Because of the circumstances regarding COVID-19, this course will be livestreamed on Zoom. Please review our Guidelines for Attending Livestream CE Classes before registering.

Instructor: Josh McKinney
CE Credit: 4 hours
Cost: Free for Members | $30 Non-Members

Please be advised that this course is being offered virtually only. There is no in-person option for this course.

THDA Great Choice Mortgage Program